Graffiti & Blight



Weather you see it as urban art or a public nuisance, the fact that Graffiti is popping up everywhere can not be ignored. It has become an epidemic which has increased exponentially over the years, with no end in site. When left unattended, it actually gets worse. The worse it gets, the greater the likelihood of receiving a fine, initiated by the public works department. 

Abatement can become costly, especially if there is no plan in place. Mostly calculated by a combination of: ease of access, structure composition and surface factors. T6 - has abatement plans to fit most budgets. The cost of materials and special equipment / cranes, will have an affect on the price. Schedule an appointment for a sight visit.

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City Ordnance


Keeping our City, neighborhoods and community clean, safe and free of blight is supported by the Oakland Municipal Code 8.24. It is designed to improve the appearance of Oakland streets and enhance the quality of the City’s economic growth and social environment.

You may wish to take advantage of these T6-Services on your own volition...before you are instructed to do it by the city.

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Most cites give harsh fines for dumpling. It poses a health and safety hazard to all. As awareness grows and tolerance for this form of real-estate neglect / abuse lessens, Blight notices are a warning for the next phase: the fix it ticket!

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