Refreshes & Remodels

Mission vs Vision

We staged a debate that ended in a draw... Mission vs Vision

...which came first?

The dictionary offers many lengthy alternatives to theses two highly descriptive words. One such option is:

MISSION: A strongly felt aim, ambition or calling.

VISION: The ability to think about or plan the future with imagination or wisdom. 

At T6, we know that one of them could not exist without the other. And often, these two words seem to battle each other for the pole position of any given project implementation that we navigate.

Share your vision with T6 and we will make it our mission to create it for you. Or if you are so inclined, share with us your corporate mission and T6 will present you a vision of dynamic cross-functional skillsets that eventually co-mingle and in the end equate to your vision thus fulfilling your mission and ours!

Thats almost like chickens / eggs (which came first?), but theres one thing I am sure we can agree on...In order to make an omelette, some eggs are going to be broken!

Results That Shine

There are many reasons why our clients may need these services. Some may be simple and more pleasant to facilitate. Like refreshing  an empty unit or facility that needs to be turned around for the next tenant or for a pending buyer.

Other times the situation may involve uncooperative tenants or unauthorized inhabitants. Hoarders and multiple unattended pets can potentially be far less pleasant situations to encounter. T6 will get your property or investment back in TOP FORM! In addition to our handy skilled tradesmen our T6 Skillsets are states at your beck and call, more often than not these skillsets will come in quite handy, especially where tenant coordination and contractor management are concerned.

> Project Management/Coordination

> Change Management/Org Readiness

> Planning & Production, QC Management

> Problem Resolution/Crisis Management

> Vendor Management 

> Special Initiatives

> Production Coordination

> Property Management

> Property Development

> Tenant Relations & Transitions

> Resource Management

> Contractor/Consultant Management

Design & Function

T6 will design and tailor your project experience to your fullest satisfaction. 

T6 navigates Agile and Lean using functional design concepts that will save  time and money along the critical path. We play quite well with others, workplace harmony plays a large roll in our success.

We are affiliated with some of the finest local licensed contractors. Having a tight network of professionals at our immediate disposal is the key for us to be ready when needed.